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The CodeCourses.co.uk intensive 12 week training course was conceived with the specific intention to enable individuals to start an exciting & rewarding career within the ever expanding digital industry. This course is planned to give relevant coding experience & remove any hurdles individuals many encounter, making the process of learning all the practical skills needed - placing individuals at the top of their game – due to the high level of intensive training & portfolio of technology partners; work / job placements are available for accomplished individuals.

All the team & tutors are experience designers and developers working across the digital industry, who know just what is needed by employers to start individuals on a solid career path.

Learning to overcome coding obstacles is key so individuals will learn to overcome different complex coding scenarios – all the team are experienced in the whole process from learning to the hiring & what skills and attitudes are required to become a success in the industry.

The coding job market is buoyant; currently there are more vacant coding positions than can be filled by the professionals available. In 2014, knowing how to code is as important as knowing how to read and write – 2015 is the year of coding*

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