Course From £150 per month
After submitting your online enquiry to be contacted, you’ll be invited in for an assessment – this assessment is to find out the level of each individuals coding / ability
Courses are Mon – Fri; 9am-6pm – within a fun environment to lean in Shoreditch (Silicon Roundabout) - at the centre of the tech start-ups, near Old St tube station and the Google Campus. We welcome anyone who wants to code / learn to code to come & visit
Not all; there is a rigorous selection process, designed to find an individuals real ability to code – if the individual has a real desire to code, then this will be encouraged
Individuals with natural intelligence, self-motivated and a passion for wanting to learn how to code are required – it’s not about testing what an individual knows, but if they have the right mind-set to benefit from the course. Typically a developer spends most of their working lives in 'the unknown' - we're trying to assess whether this is something an individual can handle, might enjoy, and making a successful career out of!
No - all individuals need is passion and ability
Yes – the code course is more than just learning how to program - it's learning how to be a competent coder & build / implement prototypes. Individuals will learn where to go to obtain answers & what it’s like to work in a tech start-up – individuals will mingle with some of the best coders in the marketplace
No – students are provided all of the equipment needed
Yes – 100%, as it’s more than just a learning course, it’s all about the back-end job placements & the network of companies who wish to employ successful students
Yes – 100%, programming expertise normally takes years to master, that’s not the aim of the course – students will obtain a foundation of knowledge to build into a top candidate for an entry-level position at a leading tech start-up. Suitable for career-changers to starting a start-up, this intensive course will get you there
Students attend the course 09:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri (many stay well into the evening) for 12 weeks – the course is a combination of self-study, class-based instruction, hands-on exercises and pair programming (partnering) to give insight of how to apply each new concept
World-class technologists and entrepreneurs – there people have founded various technology start-ups and have decades of educational experience between them. Also, students will get to hear / meet leading speakers from top London Technology Companies
100% of successful students are placed within job placements upon – no other code training company offers this
No - certifications would require bending the intensive course to a governing body – this would then reduce teaching what's most relevant for the technology companies. Employers value ability & skills not certificates!
Full-time course currently - one of the main problems in teaching coding is maintaining consistency in learning. The 12-week program provides full immersion to overcome this barrier, not yet certain to deliver over a part-time course – maybe in the future
No – assistance is given in making arrangements to help – email us with any questions or requests that you may have; contact@codecourses.co.uk
Due to high demand, once accepted, students pay an £800 deposit to lock-down their place on the course. This is to ensure, every place is taken by someone who intends to study.
Once a student is accepted, their place will be guaranteed until 28 days before the course start-date - If the deposit is not paid within 28 days of the course start-date, the place will be opened up to students on the waiting list.
International Students are welcome – students have come from round the world to study the intensive course. Sam course costs apply to applicants from all countries. Two important things; as the course is intensive a tourist visa will be. Secondly, international students can only apply for the up-front payment plan
YES - it is possible to learn to code in 12 Weeks. The course is intensive, It will take hard work and dedication from students, it’s there to be had!
Courses are Mon – Fri: 9am-6pm – within a fun environment to learn in Tower Hill. We welcome anyone who wants to code / learn to code to come & visit.
Yes. We have both full time and part time options which maintain consistency in learning.
Ideally Yes - the more time students can give to the course the better the results will be!
It takes on average 1-3 months to get a job after graduation – a lot of help is given on this
Train you to a level of coding proficiency, which will allow to build prototypes (if you’re an entrepreneur) or get a role as a Junior Developer
Things move quickly in Tech but there are jobs available in every language - from C, Java right through Python, Ruby to Node and Clojure. With demand for competent developers growing an average of 20% each Year-on-Year, and the supply of developers flat-lining at 1% YoY - a good programmer will always be in demand!
No - Everything you need will be provided
Constant – from course tutors to guide students through all aspects
Computer Science is Maths heavy but writing code, not so much. A rudimentary understanding of basic maths, is all that’s needed
Ruby forms the backbone of the course, which leads onto different programming languages
Yes - upon acceptance pre-course materials will be sent out for students to cover before enrolment. Depending on level of experience, this could require anything from 5-50 hours of preparation
Yes – it touches Agile working methodologies and even some Lean Start-up principles, but it’s not the main course – the primarily focus is learning to code!
Yes - guidance is given to the housing rental sites available - it's pretty easy to find a room at short notice in London
Very few 5 drop outs or failures – the application / Interview process is designed to only accept people who are serious about learning to code
Yes – from all round the world!
Yes – through our network of Tech Companies, students will be introduced to all aspects of setting-up & running a start-up
Yes - scholarships are offered once every 6 months, in partnership with another company. By far the best way to hear about these things is by entering your contact details into the Enquiry Form on our website
A limit of 25 students per class
There is a huge spectrum of learning difficulties - students with dyslexia do very well on the course, Whilst we're not experts in this field, we will do everything we can to support anyone who is serious about learning to code

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